Presented at the last SPS IPC Drives of Parma, the volume dedicated to the general concepts of automation, the first publication that launched the new “Necklace Industrial Automation” from the series “The Notebooks GISI” is already a success. Distributed in the libraries of major universities to address technical-scientific and enthusiastically reviewed by the specialized press and on the main blog in the industrial world, the volume aims to provide the reader with an overview of all the elements of an automation system which is consists also in relation to technological developments and trends.

The book was written by Ing. Valerio Alessandroni, technical consultant, journalist and science, as well as guest professor of electronics and automation at the Technical University of Tallinn (Estonia). The intent of this book is to provide engineers in the industrial world, as well as students of the faculties and schools to address industrial, an indispensable and comprehensive handbook related to the theory and technique of industrial automation.

A smart way to be remembered
As with all other volumes GISI, even in this case will be given the opportunity to order, on extremely favorable terms, customizable quantities that can be used by companies as a promotional vehicle and valuable technical support to offer to its customers.
For custom quotes and further information, please contact the secretariat GISI the following references:, tel. 02 21591153.
Recall also that all members GISI on the individual purchase are entitled to a discount of 30% off the cover price.
SERIES: The Notebooks GISI – Industrial Automation
TITLE: General Concepts Automation
Elements, Components and Architectures for Implementation
of Modern Automation Systems (Volume 1)
AUTHOR: Valerio Alessandroni
PUBLISHER: Gisiservizi Srl
NUMBER OF PAGES: 290 pages
COVER PRICE: 60,00 € (VAT included)
COMPANY CUSTOM COPIES: Request quotes secretariat.


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