Welcome and New Year greetings to the following new members, who chose GISI as association partner for the 2015:

PCB Piezotronics Ltd
Sensors and accessories for measuring vibration, acoustic, force, pressure, load, strain, shock and torque.

Donadon SSD Ltd
Company with 60 years of experience in the production of rupture discs and vent panels .

ETG Resources and Technology Ltd
Design, development and manufacture of products and systems with high technology for gas analysis

Omron Electronics SpA
Company among the top 150 global holders of patents , is a global leader in automation

PCE Italy srl
Commercialization of measuring systems, laboratory instruments, control system , and industrial process control

RCC Italy srl
Distributor specializing in products and solutions for remote monitoring, telemetry and communication

Rivoira Gas Ltd
Industrial gases, specialty and high-purity , medical and refrigerants production and marketing

Rotronic Italia srl
Since 1965, production of measuring instruments relative humidity in almost all types of application .

STS Italia srl
A leading company in the field of pressure sensors , transducers and sensors for environmental monitoring

Tre Esse srl
Part of the Sudelettra Group, it  is active in the construction , maintenance and technological innovation of industrial plants.


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