Datexel presents the DAT9000 family. It is an Intelligent Units able to control a network of slave Modbus RTU devices connected to serial line RS-485 Master executing the reading and writing of the field values and performing the logical and mathematical functions necessary for the system working, managing several tasks of recording. Where expected the memorized data are saved on the microSD card or USB Drive. By means of the Ethernet interface or the RS-485 “SLAVE” or RS-232 ports it is possible to read and write, in real time, the internal registers value. Moreover, by means of the Ethernet interface, or by the RS-485 “SLAVE” or RS-232 ports it is possible to: Program the Control Logic; Monitor, request of data, programming in real time the Intelligent Units; Direct programming and request of data from the Slave devices connected on the RS-485 Master. Discover all the characteristics of DAT9000 family log on to the website


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