MV 311 ISONRG: The energy calculator for industrial uses

    The energy calculator MV 311 ISONRG was born for typically industrial uses and provides flexibility thanks to the “Quick Setup” function in combination with a number of options...

    The energy calculator MV 311 ISONRG was born for typically industrial uses and provides flexibility thanks to the “Quick Setup” function in combination with a number of options that make it unique on the market for speed in calculationprecision in measurements and ease of use. A computer designed for applications such as cogeneration and energy efficiency that can also act as a simple centralizer for different energy carriers.

    The MV311 computer can be equipped with a 4Gb memory that allows you to record every second both measurement data and events, equipped with 4 impulsive inputs (one input per vector fluid, two inputs for volumetric totalizers and an auxiliary input for totalizer with variable units) with the possibility of having output two pulses and two signals 4-20mA configurable by the user.

    The presence of a connection for ethernet networks allows both PoE power and the availability of IP protocols and other functions typical of this connection.
    The “Quick Setup” feature allows the modification before installation, of some parameters usually blocked by the MID.

    Visit the tool page with data and technical specifications

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