According to the Guardian, 45 billion litres of water every day is lost in global water systems and in the England and Wales alone one fifth of water is lost before it reaches the end user.

Wasteful practices poses a very real threat to a world which currently 748 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. In the water sector, losses of water can be as high as 40% (as in Goa, India). Much of this water is lost through pipe leakage, wasteful practices and out of date technology. World Bank estimates are that developing countries will need $60 billion to be spent on the water sector over the next ten years. There is the need for collaboration between government, business and NGOs to empower all actors to carry out effective water stewardship worldwide. Technology and infrastructure needs to be updated, but that also efficient water stewardship needs to be prioritised within businesses which requires a shift in perception about the importance of water.

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